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Welcome to Wochstum,

on these pages I give an overview of my work and doing. Of course, a website supports a first impression. However, I prefer the personal conversation.

Both, offline as well as online, I work on mutual growth.

Why “Wochstum” at all? It’s a box word out of Wolfgang, Ochsenhofer and Wachstum, the german word for growth. Wochstum
At the end of 2021, my girlfriend came downstairs and said to me, Wolfgang, I have your company name: Wochstum
Yes, that is described in great detail. Why? It’s a very nice reference example how I work. One of the team has a brilliant idea and then it’s time to implement it.

I am looking forward, to the exchange of different perspectives about, as well as working together on, mutual growth.

Warm welcome

Wolfgang Ochsenhofer

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